Session Information


We offer Reiki, Swedish, Connective Tissue, and Neuromuscular Tissue massage.


• $75.00/hour or $40.00/half hour
• 90 minute massage session for $110.00
• 2 Hour Reiki and Massage Combined SessionEver get a massage and feel you didn't have enough time to let the work set in before being rushed out the door? This 2 hour Reiki and massage combination session was designed with you in mind. Reiki is all about letting go and relaxing. However, sometimes our bodies are so tight, it is hard for us to really let go.

The first hour of this session is for getting the muscles relaxed. After that hour, we will break for long enough for you to redress and take a bathroom break. Then, we will do the Reiki session. Now that the body is relaxed, you will be free to release any stress and unhealthy energy patterns you have been holding onto. It is designed to be a 2 hour session, but please allow 2 1/2 hours due to the initial interview process and the bathroom break.
for $140.00

Please call (352) 672-7606 for an appointment.


Monday thru Friday
9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
By appointment only

Please ask about our family and friends discount program and our discount program for health care workers.